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COSDOLL Darlin- 17.3'' Soft Silicone reborn baby dolls , Real Lifelike Weighted Baby Girl

COSDOLL Darlin- 17.3'' Soft Silicone reborn baby dolls , Real Lifelike Weighted Baby Girl

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Hello everyone!

Darlin the adroable doll was made by our designer whose name Blake via pure handiwork . The textures on the doll's body are painted by a professional spray gun sprayed with silicone gel,the eyebrows are drawn by eyebrow pencil,the eyes are acrylic balls etc .. .Every detail on the doll is hand-painted and gives people a vivid feeling. Every doll has its own specials after a series of handmade processes. The doll was born in December 2020 and named Darlin, at the same time Elroy took photos as a picture for her on display and online sales.

· Name: Darlin
· Birthday: December 8th
· Size: 17.3in (44cm)
· Weight: 6.1 lb (2.78 kg)
· Fitting into reborn-size clothes
· Bathe, Powder and Dress just like a real baby
· Due to the babies being hand painted each baby may differ very slightly for their uniqueness.
· Silicone dolls require careful handling as they are delicate, care must be taken when dressing/undressing and their limbs must not be pulled on.

*****Package Includes*****
Pacifier, bottle, a set of outfit (not fixed), COSDOLL certificate card

*****More about Baby*****
My baby is not perfect, but each one is unique, just like an ordinary baby! My baby is made using a two-part mold, so my baby will have seams on its body and a circular or square tipping point on its head. my baby is made of very soft silicone and a two-part mold, my baby will have seams on his body. It is important to note that these seams are not considered defects and are part of the molding process.
CosdollBaby's silicone reborn dolls are different from general reborn dolls. They are made of real advanced soft silicone. Only genuine silicone can capture the feel of a baby's skin. So our reborn dolls are not only lifelike, but also silicone dolls lend the distinctive feel of "healing" with every caress, making you feel as if you are holding a real baby in your arms.

*****Patent and Certification*****
Each reborn doll is made of food-grade silicone. Conforms or exceeds the safety requirements of CE and RoHS, which is safe for contact with human skin. Even you can kiss with her. All products and images have been patented and are copyrighted by Cosdoll ®. Unauthorized use is not allowed.

*****After sales issues*****
If there is ever an issue when your baby arrives, Please contact me immediately so that I can help right away with fixing the issue for you or scheduling a return or refund or exchange.

Please note that once you leave a comment, the sale is considered complete. Please contact me and give us some time to deal with any problems you encounter. After handling any problems for you, you can leave some comments.

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