Our COSDOLL brand dolls are all made of super soft Platinum silicone ! Compared with Vinyl's material, our material is much better! ! The all-silicone material is very safe, non-toxic and tasteless, guaranteed to be solid material! ! feel like real babies! You can bathe the dolls, pat them with powder, dress them up, and so on! Many moms and dads will buy our baby doll before giving birth, because it can help them practice how to take care of a baby Correctly! You can take care of them like your own babies.

My babies aren't perfect but each one is unique just like regular babies ! My babies are made in a 2 part mold therefore there will be seams on my babies as well as a round or square pour spot area on top of the head which people like to call the 2nd umbilical cord. Since my babies are made in very soft silicone and a 2 part mold there will be seams on my babies. If you do not want seams on your baby then do not purchase or at least be aware of this. These seams are not considered flaws and are part of the molding process. None of these are considered defects or flaws. My prices are affordable due to the above info. Thanks for understanding.